Discover the joy and fullness of Davidic Praise and Worship

Teaching booklet and CD set gives great insight into congregational worship from a Messianic point of view. Learn about the Tabernacle of Moses and how it relates to our worship today.

"Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship as a Royal Priesthood" $10


       Praise And Worship


12/29/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 12/29/12 Israel Sings a New Song
12/22/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 12/22/12 Joseph and Asenath
12/08/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 12/08/12 Play: Chanukah That Almost Wasn't
12/01/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 12/01/12 The Mount of Transfiguration
11/24/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 11/24/12 The Ministry of The Ruach Part 5
11/17/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 11/17/12 The Ministry of The Ruach Part 4
11/10/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 11/10/12 Theology of The Bride and Groom
11/03/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 11/03/12 The Ministry of The Ruach Part 3
10/27/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 10/27/12 The Ministry of The Ruach Part 2
10/20/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 10/20/12 The Ministry of The Ruach
10/13/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 10/13/12 The Shecheenah of God
10/06/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 10/06/12 Simchat Torah
09/29/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 09/29/12 Yeshua Our Great High Priest
09/25/12 Yom Kippur Praise & Worship 09/25/12 The Blood of Yom Kippur
09/22/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 09/22/12 Stand Firm With Israel
09/17/12 Rosh Hashanah Praise & Worship 09/17/12 Rosh Hashanah & The King
09/15/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 09/15/12 Jewish Evangelism
09/08/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 09/08/12 Anointed Messianic Liturgy
09/01/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 09/01/12 Blueprint for Spiritual Development
08/25/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 08/25/12 A Prophet Like Me
08/18/12 Shabbat Praise & Worship 08/18/12 Excellence in Ministry

Praise and Worship Music Videos

Collection of Music Video Singles I Got The Joy, Praise & Worship - 5/19/12
Behold The Lamb of God You Alone Are Holy - 4/7/12
04/09/12 Passover Seder - "I Am The Bread of Life"
04/09/12 Passover Seder - "They Will Look Upon Me"

Dance Videos

08/24/13 Special Shabbat Dance  
12/15/12 Special Chanukkah Dance 10/06/12 Special Dance
09/29/12 Special Sukkot Dance 09/17/12 Special Rosh Hashanah Dance
09/08/12 Special Shabbat Dance Additional Dance Videos

Praise and Worship Video Singles

Join Our Messianic Services Rabbi Jeremy doing Impressions
Anachnu Dor Mitauyan - 8/4/12  

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