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Praise and Worship
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The service videos are offered in two separate parts.
The Praise and Worship column is the beginning half of our services
while the message column is the second half.

Preston Daniels Bar Mitzvah

        Shabbat Service August 11, 2018

        Dot   8/11/18 Bar Mitzvah: Preston Daniels
        Dot   8/11/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship


       Praise And Worship


08/11/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   08/11/18 Bar Mitzvah: Preston Daniels
08/04/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   08/04/18 To Whom Shall We Go
07/28/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   07/28/18 Ariel Y'Hudah in Concert
07/21/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   07/21/18 Anointed Moves Before The Lord
07/14/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   07/14/18 Our Rich Family Inheritance
07/07/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   07/07/18 The Zeal of Pinchas
06/30/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   06/30/18 God's Order of Worship
06/23/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   06/23/18 Rock, Resurrection & Ascension
06/16/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   06/16/18 Emunah - True Faith
06/09/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   06/09/18 Bat Mitzvah - Angela Kunkel
06/02/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   06/02/18 The Oil of Anointing
05/26/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   05/26/18 Our God of Blessings
05/19/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   05/19/18 Shavuot 2018
05/12/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   05/12/18 The Year of Jubilee
05/05/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   05/05/18 God's Calendar
04/28/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   04/28/18 God's Grace & 2nd Chances
04/21/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   04/21/18 Excellence in Ministry
04/14/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   04/14/18 In Three Days
04/07/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   04/07/18 Yeshua & The Feast of Firstfruits
03/31/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   03/31/18 Passover & The Spirit of Unity
03/24/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   03/24/18 Message: The Sin of Pride
03/17/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   03/17/18 Message: The Lord is My Banner
    03/10/18 Tabernacle of Moses
03/03/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   03/03/18 Purim Play 2018 by HSM News
02/24/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   02/24/18 Build God An Altar
02/17/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   02/17/18 The Book of Psalms
02/03/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   02/03/18 True Ordination
01/27/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   01/27/18 With A Mighty Hand &
An Outstretched Arm
01/20/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   01/20/18 Bo
01/13/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   01/13/18 Jerusalem The Capital of Israel
01/06/18 Shabbat Praise & Worship   01/06/18 The Sacred Name of God
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Praise and Worship Music Videos

John Collings sings The Prayer John Collings sings You Shall Behold Him
Chuck Johnson singing Your Whole Life Long John Collings singing You Raise Me Up
Collection of Music Video Singles I Got The Joy, Praise & Worship - 5/19/12
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Passover Seders

04/06/15 Passover Seder (Part 1) 04/06/15 Passover Seder (Part 2)
03/25/13 Passover Seder Part 1 of 2 03/25/13 Passover Seder Part 2 of 2
04/09/12 Passover Seder - "I Am The Bread of Life"
04/09/12 Passover Seder - "They Will Look Upon Me"

Dance Videos

  07/28/18 Ariel Y'Hudah in Concert
04/04/15 Special Passover Dance 03/28/15 Dancers honor Miss Millie's 90th
10/18/14 Ariel Y'Hudah Dance - Ani Ma Amin 10/11/14 Ariel Y'Hudah - Hu Yavo Yeshua
10/8/14 Ariel Y'Hudah - Jerusalem/Days of Elijah See 2014 Videos for more ...
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Praise and Worship Video Singles

Aaronic Blessings/Benediction 8/9/14 Rappin' Rabbi - "Learn Your Torah" 2015
Join Our Messianic Services Rabbi Jeremy doing Impressions
Anachnu Dor Mitauyan - 8/4/12 Our Rappin' Rabbi - "Learn Your Torah"


  03/26/16 Purim Play 2016
12/12/15 The Gifts of Chanukah 03/14/15 Purim Play 2015
05/23/15 The Journey to Shauvot 2015 Purim Play 2014
11/30/13 Chanukah Night Life


Baby Dedication Rosland Isabel Lynham's 6/6/15 05/30/15 Coleman & Rowden Wedding
Baby Dedication Hosanah Shyloh Mann 2/7/15 Bat Mitzvah Holly Bridges 1/31/15
10/11/14 Progress on Learning Ctr & Property  
Baby Dedication for Seth Yosef Roland  
March of Remembrance 2013 Branson March of Remembrance 4/6/13
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Pictorial Tribute to Pastor Clinton Morrison  

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                                                                               Zechariah 6:15 ESV
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