Are You New to Messianic Judaism?

If you have never visited a Messianic Jewish synagogue or worship service, some of the practices and terms may be new to you. We refer to Jesus as Yeshua. This is His real name, in Hebrew. It is what His mother and friends called Him. Jesus is the English translation of Yeshua.

We worship as Yeshua worshiped, as noted in several New Testament passages, including Luke 4:16, in which He attended a traditional synagogue service "as was His custom." On Friday evening during the Erev Shabbat services we include the traditional lighting of the candles, and the blessings over the wine and bread. During our Shabbat (Saturday) service, we read from the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) and lift it up, please understand that we are not worshipping the Torah Scroll, we are acknowledging and lifting up Yeshua, the Word made flesh.

The prayers that we chant (recite) are scriptural and have been chanted in Jewish synagogues for thousands of years including the lifetime of Yeshua.

Our worship includes joyous music and dance introduced by King David at the height of Israel's glory - worship that was embraced by the Lord (1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Chronicles) - and continued in the first Messianic Jewish fellowship described in the Book of Acts, as affirmed by the Apostle James in Acts IS: 16-17. We are a restoration of that fellowship. Blowing of the shofars is also a part of our worship.  During both Shabbat services Rabbi Jeremy delivers a message based upon the entire bible, both old and new covenant scriptures.

Hebrew terms you will hear in our worship services:

Yeshua (Jesus)
Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah)
Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)
Adonai (Lord)
Baruch Ha Shem Adonai (Praise the Name of the Lord
Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace)
Shabbat (Sabbath)
Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace)
Torah (First 5 books of the Bible)
Tenach (First Covenant Scriptures - Torah, Writings and Prophets)
Brit Hadashah (The New Covenant/Testament)

We invite you to come and join us at The Tabernacle, where you will experience the love of God, anointed praise and worship and good solid teaching from the Scriptures.

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