Invite Rabbi Jeremy to your congregation or group and ask
YOUR questions in person about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity!

Believers are discovering the Hebrew Roots of their Christian faith and have a lot of questions! 
And Rabbi Jeremy Storch has answers!

Messianic Rabbi Jeremy Storch is a born-again Spirit-filled Jewish believer who has studied the foundational principles of our faith that are found in the Torah and shares how they apply to our lives as Believers today for over 25 years.

Rabbi Jeremy regularly teaches about Messianic Judaism and the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith to his congregation - The Tabernacle in Branson - as well as to congregations around the country, and television and radio audiences.  And he would welcome the opportunity to share with your congregation!

Rabbi Storch answers questions about The Prayer Shawl (The Talit), The Feasts of the Lord, The Shofar (Ram's Horn) Star of David, and the Relevancy of The Torah in Believer's lives today, as well as your congregations specific questions.

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Davidic Praise and Worship

Rabbi at Keyboard

Jeremy Storch is a gifted musician, singer, songwriter and worship leader, who will lead you in Spirit-filled anointed worship through the original songs he has written.

Rabbi Jeremy's worship style is based on the format laid out in the Tabernacle of Davidic that leads you from the Outer Court, to the Inner Court and to the Holy of Holies.

Prayers are answered and hope is restored when God is worshipped and adored.

Rabbi Jeremy's appearance will be adjusted to your specific event and can include a question and answer period to answer your group's questions about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity as well as powerful Davidic Praise and Worship.
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When you search the Tanach (the Old Testament as it's commonly called) you will see Yeshua in a much fuller way. It will move your relationship with Him to a higher level of intimacy.

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Rabbi Jeremy Storch makes a very interesting and informative guest.  With a powerful testimony, insightful teaching, and anointed original Messianic music, your audience or congregation will be blessed.  Make arrangements to invite him today!

To check availability, or to make arrangements for Rabbi Jeremy to appear on your program,
or to teach at your event or congregation, please contact Ann Quick at The Tabernacle office at 417.334.7373 or email to

Add to your knowledge of Scripture from a Hebraic point of view,
plus experience worship from a new viewpoint! 

Call to make arrangements for Rabbi Jeremy to share at your congregation, today!

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