• 3/14/15 Shabbat
Praise & Worship

Outstanding Spirit-filled
Davidic Style Praise and Worship.

Music: Praise the Name of The Lord (Lyrics);
Come and Praise The Lord
Yeshua is Lord
Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Lyrics);
You Alone Are Holy (Lyrics);
Glorify Thy Name (Lyrics)

• 3/14/15 Purim Play 2015

Members of The Tabernacle act out the Story of Mordecai
and Queen Esther, for such a time as this, to save the Jews from Haman the Agagite. And as uniquely told by
The Cat in the Hat plus Thing One and Thing Two.

Closing Music: Joy of The Sabbath/Havah Nagilah (Lyrics)
The Joy of the Lord