Zamroo Elohim

Zamroo Elohim, Zamroo l'Malkeynu, Zamroo Elohim
Sing Praises to your God, Sing praises to your King
Zamroo Elohim, Zamroo l'Malkeynu, Zamroo Elohim
Sing praises to your God and King

Verse I:
Let the nations clap their hands
Children of Zion sing and dance
Before your King, come and rejoice
Let all of God's people shout for joy

Verse II:
Praise His Name with the sound of the horn
Sing to the Lord a new song
Praise Him with the timbrel and with the harp
Praise the Lord with all of your heart

Verse III:
He is exalted over all of the earth
He is the King of the universe
So let the children of Abraham
Shout hallelujah to the Great I Am

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