Verse 1:
Melech Ham La Cheem Yeshua,
Adon Ha Adonim Yeshua
Melech Yisrael Yeshua
King of kings and Lord of lords,
we worship You alone
You shall reign forevermore
The Lamb Who sits on the Throne

Verse 2:
Melech Ha K'vod Yeshua,
Sar Shalom Yeshua
K'dosh Yisrael Yeshua
You are the King of glory,
You are the Prince of Peace
The Holy One of Yisrael,
Who reigns eternally

Verse 3:
We glorify Your Name, Yeshua
We bless Your Holy Name, Yeshua
We lift up Your Name, Yeshua
God has exalted You alone, to the highest place
Forever and ever, You'll sit on the Throne
The Lamb Who is worthy of praise

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