Ki Tov Chas D'cha

Ki tov chas-d'cha may chah yeem
a'fah-tai y'shab-choon-chah, v'avarecha Adonai
Thy loving kindness is better than life
My lips shall praise Thee,
and I will bless Thee O' Lord

Verse I:
Oh God, You are my God, and earnestly I seek Thee
My soul thirsts for Thee, in a dry and weary land
My Lord, I've looked for Thee in the sanctuary
to see Your power, and to behold Your glory

Verse II:
In Your Name O God, I lift up my hands
and with joyful lips, I lift up my voice
I will take shelter in the God of Abraham
and in the shadow of Your wings, I will rejoice

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