Chatan Sh'Maymee

Verse 1:
Lord, I lift my voice to Thee, in the Holy Place
How I long to gaze upon, the beauty of Your face
You alone are my King, and my Bridegroom
With all my heart, with all my soul,
I sing my song to You

Mah-ahavtee, Chatan Sh'may-nee
B'chol leebee Yeshua
How I love You my Heavenly Bridegroom
With all of my heart, Yeshua, I love You

Verse 2:
Let me hide myself beneath the shelter of Your wings
Let me breathe in the fragrance
        of Your anointing my King
Spread You garment over me, Yeshua Adoni
I am longing for the day
        when You'll come back for me

How I am longing for the day,
        come quickly Lord and take me away

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