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July 2012  *  Tammuz-Av 5772  *  Volume 7 Issue 7


"Messianic Mikvah" by Rabbi Jeremy Storch

Entering the mikvah is significant for us as “the bride of Messiah.”  According to Ancient Jewish wedding customs, a “bride to be” entered the mikvah.   It was a ritual cleansing that signified she was separating herself from her former way of life and entering into a new way of life with her Bridegroom.  Entering the mikvah together is a sign of unity.  This year at our annual mikvah, after each person (couple, family, Ministry team) went into the mikvah individually, we all joined hands and went in together as the Bride of Messiah.  We sounded the shofar and then immersed ourselves in anticipation of the second coming of the Messiah!  In this month's newsletter we are going to learn more about the foundation of this unifying experience.  Click to read about the Messianic mikvah.


In this month's issue:

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Psalm 122:6

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