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June 2012  *  Sivan-Tammuz 5772  *  Volume 7 Issue 6


Rabbi Jeremy Storch

We are looking forward to several celebrations this month, starting with our Shavuot Celebration on June 2nd, where we will recommit our lives to the Lord, followed by the annual Mikvah on June 10th, where we will wash away the old and welcome the new! I hope you can join us for both.  Click here for more information.


"The Ketubah of God" by Rabbi Jeremy Storch

Judaism refers to the Exodus 19 account as ďThe Betrothal at Sinai,Ē where the people of Israel are the object of Godís affection (His bride to be).  He (God) is her husband-to-be, asking for her hand in marriage.  In reality itís a love story.  The whole Bible is a love story!  Furthermore, this romance did not begin at Mt. Sinai, but while the Israelites were still in Egypt.  The Midrash develops this theme as follows in poetic form:  A princess (Israel) is captured by bandits (Egyptians); a King (God) sees the princess in distress, hears her cry for help and rescues her; He then takes her to His palace (Mt. Sinai) and asks her to marry Him.  You can see this beautifully in Exodus 19:3-8.  Click to read full article

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Prosperity within your palaces.
Psalm 122:6

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