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May 2014
Iyyar - Sivan 5774


Torah Overview

Pastor Clint Morrison
By Pastor
Clint Morrison

Emor (Say)
3 May 2014
(Leviticus 21:1-24:23)

This parashah deals with the issue of holiness with regard to the priests. They were limited in whom they could marry and had to follow certain rituals surrounding death. God had separated light from darkness and desires that leadership separate themselves from uncleanness – Leviticus 23 lists the Lord’s appointed times, or the Biblical calendar. The Biblical calendar is a lunar calendar. The Lord does not refer to the appointed times as Jewish festivals, but as the Lord’s festivals. In the days of the apostles Jewish and Gentile believers celebrated the appointed times together. The seventh day Sabbath was a spiritual recharge for God’s people.

Behar (on Mount Sinai)
10 May 2014
(Leviticus 25:1-26:2)

This parasha commands Israel to provide a Sabbath rest for the land. The land does not belong to the people, but belongs to God. At the end of every fifty years during jubilee, all land was returned back to the original tribal owners. People who did poorly could begin all over again and were not trapped in slavery. During the jubilee year agriculture was to be left fallow. Debts were forgiven, loans were cancelled, and slaves were released. Yeshua is our jubilee year. He paid the debt for our sin, and released us from bondage.

Bechukotai (In My Statutes)
17 May 2014
(Leviticus 26:3-27:34)

In this portion we are promised blessings and rewards for keeping Torah. This includes adequate rainfall, agricultural prosperity, national security and miraculous fertility. The Torah promises to give us abundance on every level when we follow the ways of God. We have choices and these choices lead to blessings and curses. Keeping Torah leads to Shalom in our lives. God promises that if we obey, we can chase away our enemies. Five will be able to chase away a hundred and a hundred will defeat ten thousand (Leviticus 26:1-8)

Bamidbar (In the Wilderness)
23 May 2014
(Numbers 1:1-4:20)

Numbers begins with a profound statement, “God spoke to Moses in the wilderness”. The wilderness speaks of silence and emptiness, and yet it is here that God gave the Torah. The wilderness is not owned by a particular people and neither is the Torah. The Torah is for all mankind. The journey through the wilderness is a picture of our spiritual journey through life. We face tests, trials, and difficulties as we journey to our ultimate destination. God never fails us, even though we often disappoint Him in our stubbornness.

Nasso (Make an accounting)
31 May 2014
(Numbers 4:21-7:89)

Nasso is the largest portion of the Torah. This Torah portion finishes up the census of the Levites. It also gives instructions for the cleansing of the camp of Israel as they prepare to cross the wilderness. Sin creates a barrier between us and God. It hinders our prayers and results in punishment from heaven. The cure is confession, repentance, and the washing from Yeshua. This portion also contains the priestly benediction. The priests offered this blessing twice daily.



Tooth Pictogram

The ancient symbol is a camel

Manna for Thought

The third letter
of the Hebrew Alef-Bet

Gimel represents the Holy Spirit
Gime represents the number three

John the Baptist was dressed
in camel’s hair
Beged spells garment
Gav means locust

Beit Midrash

In Hebrew,Beit means house & Midrash comes from the word root that means to seek, to search out, to dig for meaning.

So, a Beit Midrash is a House of Study. Classes are given on many different subjects depending on who is giving the teaching.

Contact Gene Ridings for more information.

Join us after Oneg on Shabbat as we dig deeper into the Word of God.

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