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The Tabernacle Times
March 2019 ......................... Adar I - Adar II 5779 ......................... Volume 14 Issue 3

Purim Fun Facts

Angela Kunkel
Angela Renee Kunkel



  Purim is just around the corner. The story of Queen Esther (Yay!!) of Persia. More than 2000 years ago, the year of 3392 after the creation of the world, King Ahashaverosh ascended the throne of Persia. King Ahashaverosh ruled over a vast kingdom of 127 countries, extending from India to Ethiopia. When Queen Vashti refused her Kings request to appear before him, he was infuriated so much that he had her vanished. The King ordered a search for a new queen and Esther was chosen. Here are ten things you may not know about th e story of Purim:

Queen Esther’s name was Hadasaah (“Esther” in Persian). By no means was Esther the most beautiful of all the maidens, yet the King preferred her above all the others. The contest to replace Queen Vashti took several years. The fairest maidens from all 127 provinces of the King’s empire were assembled, in the King’s palace of Shushan, to vie for the King’s favor.

  They received all of the beauty treatments and the most exquisite clothing they requested. Esther, however, did not ask for anything. From the moment of her appearance in the palace she enchanted everyone by her modesty and was treated with marked respect. Her beauty generated from her inner self, giving her special grace that alone was hers. Through her life she stayed true to herself and HaShem, and in this way an entire people were rescued.

Shanah Tocah

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