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The Tabernacle Times
______ November 2014 ______________Cheshvan -Kislev 5775 ______________Volume 9 Issue 11______

Thanksgiving and Sukkot

Rabbi & Brenda
Rabbi Jeremy
& Brenda Storch
  Last month we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Many Americans, upon seeing a decorated sukkah for the first time, remark on how much the sukkah, and the holiday in general, reminds them of Thanksgiving. This may not be entirely coincidental.

I was taught that our American pilgrims, who originated the Thanksgiving holiday, borrowed the idea from Sukkot. The pilgrims were deeply religious people. When they were trying to find a way to express their thanks for their survival and for the harvest, they looked to the Bible for an appropriate way of celebrating and found Sukkot. This is not the standard story taught in public schools today - but the Sukkot explanation of Thanksgiving fits better. The original Thanksgiving was a harvest festival (as is Sukkot), that it was observed in October (as Sukkot usually is), and that Pilgrims would not have
celebrated a holiday that was not in the Bible. Research shows that the first Thanksgiving was "a harvest festival that included feasts, sporting events, and other activities," concepts very much in keeping with the Jewish religious observance of Sukkot

Sukkot Dining Out for Tabernacle members
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