The Tabernacle In Branson

The Tabernacle In Branson




April 2020 | Nisan - Iyyar 5780 | Volume 15 Issue 4

Well thanks to the Coronavirus we have the opportunity to all spend Passover at home this year. We thought you might like some handy-dandy hints and tips for putting on your very own Seder. Let’s get started!
Click here for a printable Haggadah

The main thing on your table is going to be your Seder plate. It can be plain or fancy – your choice.

Seder Plate: (1 per table - 8-12 people - to include the following)
Egg - 1 per Table
Salt Water - 1/2 cup per table
Lamb Shank Bone - 1 per table
Horseradish - 1/2 cup per table, grated or ground, you can use red with dinner if desired but only use white on the Seder plate - it is supposed to be bitter and nasty!
Parsley - 1 sprig per person
Charoset - 1/2 cup per table
Tart Apples - 1 per 4 people – chopped fine or shredded
Chopped Walnuts - 1/4 cup per apple
Grape juice or Passover wine for mixing


Mix together the day before so it can get nice and brown! It’s supposed to look like mortar.

Most children (and lots of grown-ups) really love Charoset - make sure to have an extra bowl ready to serve with dinner.

Elijah’s Place: While planning your table arrangement remember to include a place for Elijah at the head table - it’s tradition!

You will need 2 candles and a scarf for the lighting of the Holiday Candles.

Wine: In addition to cups for water or other beverage to be drunk during the meal, you will need to have a special cup for wine at each place. This cup will be filled and drained 4 times during the Seder. Figure 1 bottle of kosher wine (Mogan David or Manechevits) and 1 bottle of grape juice per table.

Now we get to the Matzo: This is a must; there is no substitute for matzo at Passover. Most food stores carry matzo so it shouldn’t be a problem. On each table, for the Seder service, you will need a separate plate a” Matzo Tosh”. It is a special envelope for placing the matzo for a Seder. It can be made of the finest linens available complete with beautiful embroidery or from plain old construction paper (the kids like this better). For the kid version - place 4 sheets of construction paper together and staple on 3 sides. Make copies of a pretty coloring page and when colored, glue it to the front of the construction paper envelope. The Matzo is then slipped into each of the 3 openings and is ready for your Seder. This is a good activity for the children to help prepare for the Seder.

During the Seder, the leader at each table will be instructed to break the middle matzo, wrap it in a napkin, and hide it somewhere. There is great symbolism in this that will be explained during the Seder - however, there is also a game involved. At the end of the meal, after desert and coffee have been served and removed, the game begins. All of the children are encouraged to find the “hidden matzo”, the race is on - when they all are found, the leader at each table must buy back the matzo. The price for ransom has risen along with food, real estate and everything else - the going rate right now is $1.00. Let the leader be advised!!!!

The ransoming game draws the children’s attention back to the Seder. From there the serious matter of God’s redemption is discussed. At this point it would be most appropriate to discuss, or even participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Once you have the elements of the Seder plate ready it’s time to move on to the food! Here are 2 sample menus for Passover. One features meat as a main dish, the other, poultry. You can mix and match. The dishes that have * will have a recipe in the Kosher Korner.


Gefilte Fish on a lettuce leaf *
Chicken soup with Matzo Ball *
Brisket (or other roast meat)
Potato Kugel *
Carrots *
Sponge cake * w/fresh fruit


Tossed Green Salad w/Italian Dressing
Chicken soup with Matzo Ball (no choice) *
Roast Chicken (or other poultry) *
Matzo Stuffing *
Green Beans w/almonds
Carmel Matzo Bark *

Rabbi Jeremy and I hope that you have a joyous Passover at home. Please call our office if you need any additional help. Remember to stay safe during this season and we will all look forward to our community Seder next year.