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Messianic Synagogue Found

A team of archaeologists from Israel's Antiquities Authority have unearthed an ancient synagogue with some very unique characteristics in a small Galilee village frequented by Jesus and his disciples.

The synagogue was found in Migdal (known in the New Testament as Magdala), which sits just north of Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

During Jesus' time, Magdala was a thriving fishing village, and home to many of his followers, most notably Mary Magdalene (literally: Mary of Magdala).
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Nightmare ends for war criminals son

Being brought up as the son of a Nazi was a burden hard to bear for Werner Oder, an Austrian born in the aftermath of the Holocaust. His father Wilhelm had presided over the murder of many Jews as he trained men in the art of killing at a camp in Poland during World War II.

But in spite of all attempts at denial and covering up the truth, his complicity in the massacre of defenseless men, women and children came to haunt his son – quite literally.
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Does NT back Israels' claim to the Land?

Pastor Ron Cantor of the Tel Aviv-based Messianic congregation Tiferet Yeshua addresses in the following video the oft-heard argument that nowhere in the New Testament is Israel’s modern claim to to this land reaffirmed.

Even among Christians who on the surface claim to reject Replacement Theology, many insist that God’s promise of this particular piece of land to the Children of Israel and their descendants as a perpetual inheritance is null and void under the new covenant sealed in Yeshua’s blood.
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Resurgence of Messianic Jews in Homeland

Living for centuries without a homeland, Messianic Jews have increased from the four corners of the world, and since the end of the 19th Century, the international movement has become more pronounced. After the Jewish people returned to their homeland in 1948 following the Holocaust and reestablished the nation of Israel after two millennia, the number of Jews who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, while holding onto their Jewish customs, has grown around the globe — at about the same rate that Jews continue to return to Israel.
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Messianic Misician in Top Israeli Singing Contest

Young Messianic Jewish Israelis are increasingly taking the national stage without fear of who they are and in what they believe. That was literally the case on Tuesday when a young Messianic musician auditioned on Israel’s most popular televised singing competition.

So intriguing was the revelation by 20-year-old contestant Shai Sol that she believes in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah that the top-rated Kochav Haba (“The Next Star”) made her pre-audition interview the focus of its promotional commercials earlier in the week.
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Iranian Visits Israel

Afshin Javid was born into a pious Muslim family that heartily supported Iran’s “Islamic Revolution” and the rise to power of the ayatollahs. Today, he has embraced faith in Yeshua, and is looking to reconcile with former enemies, including Israel.

In an interview with Channel 2 News during a visit to Israel last month, Javid recalled that as a young man he enthusiastically joined what is known as the Basij militia in Iran.
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Gaza War Explained

Many Israeli Jewish believers in Yeshua were called upon to take up arms in the war against Gaza’s Hamas terrorist infrastructure, and one, Shai Kushnir, even paid the ultimate price in defense of this nation.

Another Israeli believer who fought in Gaza has created a YouTube clip in an effort to dispel some of the misconceptions regarding the war.
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Christian Child registered as Aramean

Yaakov Khalloul, a two-year-old Christian child from the Galilee, made history on Monday when he became the first person in Israel’s modern history to be officially registered as an Aramean.

To date, all Christians in Israel have been registered with population authorities as Arabs, given that for most, their mother tongue is Arabic. But last month, outgoing Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar issued a directive permitting local Christians to now be voluntarily registered according to a more ancient ancestry.
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Israelis Speak Out

Canadian-Israeli journalist Corey Gil-Shuster has for the past couple years been conducting a very interesting campaign titled “Ask an Israeli / Ask a Palestinian” that recently focused on local Jewish views on Jesus.

As part of the effort, Gil-Shuster accepts questions from abroad regarding some of the more burning issues in the region, from the peace process to Islamic extremism to faith in Jesus.
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NT a Jewish Text

A prominent Israeli professor writing in the free Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom continues the trend of Jews both here and abroad reclaiming Jesus and even the New Testament as their own.

Professor Eyal Regev, head of the Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department at Bar-Ilan University, writes that while most Jews might not believe the New Testament or Jesus’ claims of messiahship, it is now indisputable among most Jews that the movement that became Christianity was originally Jewish to the core.
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Messianic Pastor Honored

Daniel Yahav, pastor of the Tiberias-area Messianic congregation Peniel, has received this year’s Honorary Citizen Award in his hometown of Yavne’el, which is a real testimony given the Orthodox Jewish character of the Galilee community.
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Palestinian Girl Confronts Lies

Christy Anastas, a young Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, has bravely released a compilation video in which she, in several different venues, confronts the joint lies that Israel is responsible for the suffereing of the Palestinians and for the flight of fellow Christians from the city of Jesus' birth.
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Soldier Falls in Gaza

Messianic Jews around the country are mourning after one of their young soldiers was killed in action last week. First Sergeant Shai Kushnir, who grew up in a youth group at a Messianic congregation in the Haifa area, was killed during operations along the Gaza border. Over ten thousand came to pay their respects to Shai and the family,
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Arab Pastor Speaks Out

The following is an open letter from Shmuel Aweida to all those "peace activists" rising up against Israel. Listen carefully, Awieda is an Israeli Arab Christian pastor who knows of what he speaks!

Dear so-called "peace-seeking people", "pro-ceasefire people" and "peace and reconciliation activists"
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Hessy Taft

Today, Hessy Taft is an 80-year-old professor in New York. During the mid-1930s, she was a baby in Berlin — a particularly attractive baby who was chosen for the cover of a Nazi magazine intended to show the perfect Aryan child. Little did its editors know, their picture-perfect cover baby was actually Jewish.
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Messianic Ministry

Israel Today has for years been covering the Internet-based evangelism efforts of One For Israel, a team of young Israeli Messianic new media professionals. One For Israel's latest newsletter reveals that not only has the ministry remained active, it is growing considerably both in activity and reach.
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Israel Exists

In an article published in a local Israeli newspaper around the time of Israel's 65th Independence Day, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Har-Noy puzzled over the fact that there are still so many Bible-believing Jews who refuse to celebrate the Jewish state's modern rebirth.
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Yasmin Chayach (pictured) has become the first female Arabic-speaking Christian to complete the Israeli army’s officers course

Chayach was following family tradition by volunteering for service in the IDF, as her brother before her was also a proud Israeli soldier.
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Musim now Christian


A Turkish Muslim who made a pilgrimage to Mecca in a desperate attempt to get his life back on track returned as a Christian to the great astonishment of his family. Now a pastor, Ali Pektash (pictured) has been addressing a conference in Jerusalem called At the Crossroads, and sees it as part of his mission to help re-unite the sons of Abraham.
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The Israeli defense establishment this week decided to begin actively recruiting local Christians into the Israeli army. The move comes after years of encouragement by the Nazareth-based Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum
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Jews Accepting Jesus


Whether more Jews are accepting Jesus remains a matter of debate. But more American Jews seem to be increasingly accepting of other Jews who accept Jesus.
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Star of David


For years, Israel Today commentator Victor Mordechai has been working to establish a Judeo-Christian political party under the title "The Bible Bloc." He now has some competition, or rather, some assistance from Israel-loving Arab residents of the town of Nazareth.
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Affirming his desire to “tear down the wall” between Christians and Jews, a self-described “messianic Jewish rabbi” from Wayne announced plans for an ambitious evangelical rally in Jerusalem in September.
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Messianic Music


It was Friday evening, and my wife came to me with an urgent message: “Listen! 88FM is playing the Messianic worship song Kadosh!” Indeed, just 30 minutes before the beginning of the Sabbath, Israeli broadcaster Yehudit Ben Yaakov was playing this Hebrew song on her weekly radio program Kan, Sham U’Be’Chol Makom (“Here, There and Everywhere”).
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New Testiments


On Monday morning Knesset members opened their mailboxes and they appaled to find a New Testament inside. It was a leather-bound volume of the “Book of Testaments,” which combines the Old Testament and the New Testament in one. It was printed by the Bible Society-Israel.
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Christian Mosaic


A 1,500-year-old church has been uncovered in Israel, complete with an ancient, intricate mosaic. The artifact was found in Alum, 30 miles outside of Tel Aviv, during excavation in the lead up to a construction project.
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Israeli Mailmen


A controversy was brewing this week when a handful of postmen from the Ramat Gan suburb of Tel Aviv refused to deliver packages containing the New Testament. Initial reports in the Israeli press did not specify which organization had mass-mailed the copies of the New Testament to Israeli households, ...
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Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems recently unveiled a new laser-based missile defense system that officials said was like something straight out of Star Wars. Dubbed the "Iron Beam" - a play on the currently-active Iron Dome missile defense system - the new weapon uses fast-acting radars and laser beams to superheat the warheads of incoming short-range rockets.
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Israel yesterday unveiled its anticipated missile shield known as Iron Beam that uses a laser to "superheat" the warheads of short-range rockets, mortar bombs, and drones and blow them up in flight.
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The Rabbi


A few months before he died, one of the nation’s most prominent rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, supposedly wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would remain sealed until now. When the note was unsealed, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the Messiah.
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Zev Porat of Jerusalem recently got a new book, and, wanting to read it right away, he took it along with him on a short train trip he’d planned. The book was “Rabbi Who Found Messiah” by American Pastor Carl Gallups. Porat soon noticed people looking at the book’s title, the image of venerated Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died several years ago at the age of 108, on the cover and asking questions.
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Former Terrorist


A Messianic Jewish congregation in Bowling Green, Kentucky recently hosted a most unusual guest speaker - a co-founder of Lebanon's Hizballah terrorist militia, a group dedicated to the destruction of Israel.
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The Tabernacle of
Praise in Branson

Christians Go To Israel to Harvest Grapes Find Blessings

They are Christian supporters of Israel who left their homes for a few months to volunteer as grape harvesters in Judea and Samaria, the site of key events in the Bible, including the birth of Jesus and the burial of the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

On a quest to experience the “prophetic restoration of the land of Israel” they say is underway today, the American, European and other volunteers with HaYovel believe it was God’s hand that guided some half-dozen accomplished musicians to join the trip this fall.

They’ve now released the fruit of their labor, a new song titled “Restoration,” which offers praise for the redemption “forming over the valleys and the hills” bringing “new life” — even as Israelis face a wave of violent Palestinian attacks.
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Life in Jerusalem, Through a Foreigner's Eyes

It’s a beautiful Shabbat morning in Jerusalem. Children are happy and all is peaceful in our neighborhood. We have been in Jerusalem three weeks, arriving from Seattle, Washington.

Little did we know when we arrived that we would witness the fear, confusion and horror of unbelievable acts of terror on a daily basis. Innocent civilians and soldiers, attacked with knives and run over by vehicles, as they went about their daily activities. Those injured were children; someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, spouse or friend. Fear and apprehension showing on the face of each person we pass on the street.

Twice we were in locations where an attack had just taken place. One at the central bus station in Jerusalem and the other time when three separate events occurred on Jaffa Street.
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A Jews Look at Messianic Judaism

All they do is try to convert us.

They should just call themselves Christians.

They are liars.

Any of these sentences sound familiar?

I hear statements to this effect quite regularly, and I have for almost as long as I can remember. I hear them from Jews, young and old, who feel an intense and visceral anger towards people who identify themselves as Messianic Jews.

While the Jewish community is united on almost nothing, it appears that most share at least one opinion – an intense objection to everything that Messianics stand for (I will use the term “Messianics” moving forward, though it is not the term I prefer, because it does not provide a value judgment for whether these individuals are Jewish or not).
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Young Believers Boldly Share Their Faith

The road to Shai's success was curiously unconventional.

"As soon as she was born, God separated us from contact with all our friends," says Sgau's mother Avital who is also a Messianic Believer. "Nobody, not even our family, knew where we were or what happened to us. We disappreted for 12 years while I raised Shai on God's word."

Shai attended an Orthodox Jewish school from kindergarten until high school "so that she would not be corrupeted with a secular lifestyle," explains her mother. But when Shai sent letters to all the rabbis in the ixth grade twlling them that Yeshua is the Messiah, they kicked her out.

"I was speaking openly about my faith in Yeshua," Shai relates with a smile. "I used to walk around the outside of the byilding singing Messianic songs and praying."
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Messianic Iniative Brings Healing

“When I stood before the actual baby clothing, little dresses and tiny shoes that had been stripped off the infants being thrown into the gas chambers, I just couldn’t take it,” said Tehilah, one of the young Jewish girls who came to Auschwitz with a Messianic initiative called Yad B’yad, which means "Hand in Hand" in Hebrew.

“Standing there paralyzed, holding hands with my German partner, we both broke down crying and could not stop weeping as we held each other and walked through that horrible place,” she recalled. “Something very deep was healed in both of us.” Every year since 2005, Messianic Jewish leaders in Israel together with their German partners have taken hundreds of Jewish and German youth aged 16-18 to walk through Auschwitz in the Yad B’yad program.
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Kaduri Revival Sparks Acceptance of Yeshua

They call it the “Kaduri Revival” and reports over recent months have confirmed the teachings of one of Israel’s most venerated rabbi are leading Jews time and again to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

And face persecution.

Baptist preacher and radio host Carl Gallups says the situation facing Messianic Jews right now in Israel is “reminiscent of what we read about in the New Testament – in the early days of the church.”

There, he said, Jews accepting a Christian faith were persecuted.

And today, they “are facing the same hardships and persecution the early church faced,” he said.
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What every Christian needs to Know.

That is the title of a new book (available on Amazon) by Reform Rabbi Evan Moffic, who demonstrates a deep appreciation for the central place of Jesus in the Jewish Passover. In his book, which came out in February just in time for the holiday, Moffic hopes to help Christians understand the intimate connection between Judaism and Christianity in the Passover, the principal festival for both Jews and Christians. “Exploring the Passover helps us learn more about the context of Jesus’ own religious and spiritual life, and it sheds light on Easter, the resurrection of Jesus and the meaning of redemption,” he explains.

Written in a popular style for a wide audience, the rabbi’s book should appeal to Christians wanting an inside, intimate look at a traditional Jewish Passover.
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Passover Blood Moon Arrives

If it’s a coincidence, it’s an astounding one. An ominous “Blood Moon” appearing at the same time the Obama administration is boasting of a nuclear agreement with Iran that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says endangers the very survival of the Jewish state. And experts warn that Barack Obama’s actions could herald disastrous consequences not just for Israel, but for the world.

Pastor Mark Biltz, the discoverer of the Blood Moons phenomenon, says current events in the Middle East are “totally tied to these Blood Moons.”

“A number of rabbis have said this, that Obama comes across as a kind of Haman figure. Haman we recall was a Persian official who wanted to kill the Jews living within that empire.
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Anti-Missionary Bill in Israel

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox parties didn’t make a particularly good showing in last week’s elections, but they did well enough to make firm demands as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to cobble together his next ruling coalition.

The anti-missionary organization Yad L’Achim hopes one of those demands will be to advance new legislation targeting Messianic Jewish and Christian activity in Israel. Israel does have an anti-missionary law, but it is limited to prohibiting the solicitation of minors and offering financial benefits for conversion. Most ultra-Orthodox sects completely ignore these prohibitions in their own missionary activity.
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Clothing Company in trouble

The Israeli clothing company Castro remains in the crosshairs of Orthodox Jews a month after a young religious army officer wore a newly-purchased shirt to Passover synagogue services unaware that his clothing was inscribed with a passage from the "New Testament." The shirt in question featured a stylized reprinting of "The Lord's Prayer" found in Matthew 6:9-13. It was even titled "The Lord's Prayer" on the t-shirt.

IDF officer Barak Tamir expressed shock and anger after being informed by an older gentleman at synagogue that day that his shirt was promoting a Christian prayer.
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If You Bless Israel, It will be Reciprocal

With approximately 175 Messianic congregations now present, the Good News of Jesus Christ is being preached in Israel with a fervor never seen before. The stark reality, however is that only 15,000 Messianic Jews, or a miniscule 0.19 percent, make up the population of the Holy Land.

But Daniel and D'vorah Calic say that doesn't mean the impact of Messianic Jews in Israel is insignificant. Quite the contrary. Messianic believers residing in Israel, the Calics say they have been called by God to raise up a television network devoted to Jewish-believing congregations in the Holy Land. Their vision—the Bless Israel Network—is to broadcast programming that will inform believers worldwide about the diligent kingdom work Messianics are doing in Israel. In turn, they hope the programming will touch hearts and bring support for those congregations.
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Believers Jew and Gentile Meet

More than 1,700 Messianic Jewish people and evangelical Christians converged last week with Christian leaders at the Israel Summit in Loveland, Colorado, to rally behind the nation of Israel, fight global anti-Semitism inside and outside the Church, and incite believers to spread the gospel worldwide as treacherous days lie ahead. A sense of urgency was stressed at this year's event, subtitled "Stand FIRM," (Fellowship of Israel-Related Ministries) as End Times prophesy continues to unfold.

After the three-day event OneNewsNow interviewed a featured speaker of three sessions at the Israel Summit, FIRE School of Ministry founder and president Dr. Michael L. Brown, and asked what he regarded as the biggest misconception the Church in America has regarding the Jewish people.
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Messianic Jew defies death

To preach the Gospel in a mosque in the Middle East is to court death. And it’s even more dangerous when the evangelist is an Israeli.

Yet Messianic Jew Zev Porat defied all of that recently to enter a mosque in the town of Akko, in Israel, to bring Jesus Christ to Muslims. What’s more, he brought silence to the mosque by showing the gathered Muslims a book from an American Christian pastor, Carl Gallups’ “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah.”

Porat, founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries, felt called by the Holy Spirit to venture into new territory, but faced headwinds from the start. Upon entering, Porat was challenged by a Muslim named Ali who demanded to know what an “Israeli Jew” was doing there.
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I Defend Israel

News has been swirling that ISIS is again on the rampage against Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Reports indicate that no fewer than 35 Assyrian Christian villages have been targeted in northeastern Syria in recent weeks. Most of these villages are now empty of inhabitants. The lucky ones fled, but dozens and perhaps hundreds have been abducted by ISIS and await a grizzly fate.

Those monitoring Arab media reported last week that at least 15 of the Assyrian Christians taken by ISIS have already been publicly beheaded because they had dared to take up arms in defense of their homes.
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Messianic Videos answer Rabbis

What started as a brief set of video responses to anti-Messianic activists in Israel (see below) has blossomed into a new online initiative featuring no fewer than 52 short clips answering the most pressing rabbinical objections to Yeshua (Jesus). A new Hebrew-language website ( presents the videos produced by local Messianic media professionals Eitan Bar and Moti Vaknin of the Internet-based ministry “One for Israel.”

The videos and website are “our most advanced production so far, and perhaps the most advanced in Jewish Evangelism until today,” wrote Bar. “In these videos we expose how the Rabbis have been keeping Jesus a secret from Israel for over 2,000 years. We even quote ancient Jewish sources showing that the Old Testament prophecies we refer people to were interpreted in the past just as we interpret them today - as being about the Messiah!”
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With English Subtitles Read more ,,,,,,

Israel Youth Shocks National Audience

The symbolism is powerful. For eight days in December, we take one candle called the servant candle and light eight other candles. In the same way, Yeshua came as a servant and gave us light.

In Israel being a light can be scary. You never know how someone will react to your faith. On Christmas Eve, when 20-year-old Shai Sol testified of her faith in Yeshua before the whole country, every believer in Israel was challenged and encouraged.

My wife Elana and I were hosting the leaders-in-training group from our congregation, Tiferet Yeshua for the last night of Hanukah. After lighting the candles and eating Sufganiot (1,000-calorie fried donuts), we turned on the television at to watch Israel's newest reality show—HaKochav Haba—The Next Star. And we waited to see Shai.
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Messianic Prophecy in Isaiah 42

Today, Jan. 22 marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the U.S. Supreme Court decisions allowing a pre-born baby's life to be taken for any reason before viability. (States still determine at which trimester—if at all—abortions are prohibited.)

This causes me to stop and consider the dullness of my own heart. Forty-two years of legalized abortion in America has led to 57 million abortions. This number is too large for my heart to grasp. The following quote is painfully true (please consider the source): "One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic." —Joseph Stalin
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We Are Israel

A group of young Israeli believers in Yeshua (Jesus) have started an online media campaign aimed at driving home that point that they remain an integral part of the Jewish people and state.

Under the banner “We Are Israel,” the group has published a Hebrew-language website explaining why “a Jew who believes in Yeshua is a Jew, period.”

“Does the faith in the Jewish Jesus of Nazareth cause [Jews] to switch to another religion?” the group asked. “The project ‘We are Israel’ was born to answer this question and more, to present Jesus of Nazareth in a concrete historical and vivid picture.”
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Messianics Celebrate

Melissa Villeneuve Lethbridge Herald Members of the Messianic Jewish community celebrated the start of Hanukkah with a special ceremony at the Joyful House of Prayer Congregation on Wednesday night. Rabbi Sidney Speakman lit the nine-candle candlebrum, called a hanukkiah, in the first-ever outdoor lighting ceremony in Lethbridge. Hanukkah is an eight-day celebration of the victory and courage of the Maccabees, who liberated the Land of Israel from the Greek empire, explained Speakman. It commemorates the resurrection of the Holy Temple, which had been desecrated. The menorah in the Temple had to be re-lit, and there was only enough oil to last one day, but it burned for eight. “In Jewish thought, the oil always represents the spirit of God,” said Rabbi Speakman.
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Israeli Media

Israel’s leading media group, Keshet, has taken a keen interest in the nation’s Messianic Jewish community after one of its flagship television shows, the popular singing competition Kochav Haba (“The Next Star”), featured a Messianic Jewish contestant.

Keshet’s online news and entertainment portal, Mako, published a weekend story asking readers to take a closer look at Israel’s 15,000 Messianic Jews and to be more welcoming toward those who believe in Yeshua (Jesus).

The article opened by highlighting some of the hostile comments made after openly-Messianic songstress Shai Sol scored a spot in Kochav Haba’s second round following a mesmerizing audition performance.
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Should Messianics Worry

Yaron knew that he had discovered something special and couldn’t wait to tell his family and friends. “I have found the Messiah,” he exclaimed to mom and dad. “It’s Jesus!” Unprepared for their extreme and irritated response, Yaron retreated to his room in despair as his parents discussed where they had gone wrong raising their first-born son.

Like Yaron, many Messianic Jews found themselves separated from families, friends and synagogue. Keeping these ties proved all but impossible. “Sometimes we reacted just like a bunch of teenagers,” suggested one congregational leader. “Our parents didn’t understand us, so we cut our losses and went our own way.”
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Church Needs Israel

Veteran Israeli Messianic leaders Jacob Damkani and Joseph Shulam got together for a little chat about the faith and restoration of Israel on Damkani’s online studio program, and the result was something that should be watched by Christians trying to get a handle on Israel and the Jews.

The underlying theme of the chat was how to deal with the notion that Israel and its Jewish population must “convert” to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) in order to complete the restoration process.

“Israel is not being reformed, it is being restored,” said Shulam, director of Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.
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12 Ministries make a difference

When Canadian native Wayne Hilsden moved to Israel in 1983 to help establish a fledgling congregation in Jerusalem, he didn't know that he would wind up staying for three decades, or that King of Kings Community Jerusalem would turn into a multi-faceted ministry that has helped give birth to six churches, a Bible college, a thriving prayer initiative and various outreaches.

However, most precious to the former professor at Eastern Pentecostal Bible College are the carefully built relationships that enable him to share the message that Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) is the Messiah awaited by Israelis.

"There's a greater measure of openness about one's faith," says the senior pastor of King of Kings. "When we came to Israel the average Jew didn't believe it was possible to become a believer.
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Messianics Gain Momentum

In recent decades, Messianic Judaism, a movement of Jewish people who have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah and continued to embrace their Jewishness, has been steadily growing—especially in the United States.

Jews have been coming to faith in Yeshua for centuries, increasingly so after Israel became a reality again in the late 1800s with the Zionist movement. After the Holocaust, when Israel became a nation again in 1948, the number of Jewish believers in Yeshua has been increasing worldwide, almost in lock step with Jewish immigration to Israel.

But what is the state of Messianic Judaism in Israel itself?

Because Israel is in an extremely dangerous area of the world, surrounded by Arab countries that have threatened its extermination, Jews there live with a certain amount of anxiety.
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Proclaiming Messiahs Return

A new generation of Arab and Jewish followers of Jesus met together last week to strategize on how to “turn Israel upside down.” Two hundred and sixty Messianic Jewish and Arab pastors, youth leaders, evangelists, Bible-school teachers and ministry leaders gathered for a three-day council to discuss, study, pray and work together to effectively bring the word of God in power to Arabs and Jews throughout the whole Land of Israel.

These seasoned men and women of faith embody decades of labor proclaiming the Gospel to local Arabs and Jews. Most have given up everything to preach Messiah to their unbelieving Muslim and Jewish families and friends. Despised because of their faith, they have lost jobs, suffered rejection and endured multiple other hardships, yet their passion to bring the Good News to their people remains unquenched.
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Messianic Jews Find their place

A lone guitar chord echoes across the room as more than a hundred Israeli soldiers rise to their feet to ask for help. With outstretched hands they reach toward the heavens and like David the warrior Psalmist they cry, "We are surrounded by enemies, but you Lord are able to deliver us. With you O Lord, I can be a brave soldier."

For these 18- to 24-year-old Messianic Jewish soldiers fighting for Israel, Yeshua the Messiah is a source of comfort and strength. "I wouldn't be able to last one more day in the army without Yeshua in my life," says Oren, a commander in an elite naval unit. "The pressure is so intense," he admits. "These times of worship and prayer are like a breath of fresh air for me."

Only a few years ago, this would have been unimaginable.
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Christians Have Freedom

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Nazareth-based Greek Orthodox Christian priest of Aramean background, has become a symbol and vocal witness of the situation for Christians in Israel, and how that differs from the way Christians are treated everywhere else in the Middle East.

Speaking before US congressional leaders in Washington, DC this week, Father Naddaf explained:

“In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christians are affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security. It is Israel, the Jewish State. In Israel, Christians enjoy good education, employment, welfare, healthcare, and high socio-economic standing. In Israel, Christians have freedom, which no Muslim power has ever offered us.”
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Anti-Missionaries Warn against Player

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish anti-missionary group Yad L’Achim has published an urgent video to social media sites warning against a “dangerous Christian missionary audio player” currently being distributed in Israel.

Produced by MegaVoice, the pocket-sized audio player known as “Envoy” has access to a library of over 10,000 messages, as well as the New Testament, all of which is available in over 4,600 languages and dialects.

According to Yad L’Achim, a version of the device including a Hebrew-language recording of the New Testament is currently being distributed to Israeli soldiers.
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The Joseph Experience
The MJAA's Joseph Project is excited to now be able to invite visitors to Israel to experience a day of working alongside our staff in our Jerusalem region warehouse and to personally make a hands-on difference in the lives of the poor and needy in Israel. With the opening this year of our new, modern 22,000 square foot main Joseph Project warehouse and national headquarters in the Jerusalem region, we launched "The Joseph Experience"!

This is a most unique experience, where Jew and Gentile work together for the restoration of Israel. Visiting tour groups to Israel can come to our massive warehouse and help pack bomb shelter survival kits and other emergency aid packages for the poor and needy, children, immigrants, Holocaust survivors, orphans, and others.
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HaYovel Assists in Samaria Harvest
A recent Sukkot event at Har Bracha in the Shomron saw dozens of Christian volunteers join families for their annual harvest. In cooperation with the Har Bracha community in the Shomron (Samaria) and Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, the head of the Har Bracha yeshiva, dozens of Christian volunteers from the United States joined families in the year's annual harvest of crops.

Tommy Waller led his group of volunteers from HaYovel, an international humanitarian organization which supports farming in Yesha (Judea and Samaria). Despite previous accusations that HaYovel were a missionary group, Rabbi Melamed described the event as "a blessed phenomena of non-Jews seeing the truth and pledging themselves to help the Jewish Nation in the heartland of the Jewish Land."
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Messianic Jews Testify

A new television network has launched with the goal of providing a platform for Jewish believers inside Israel. Bless Israel Network is a media organization based in Israel. The program’s hosts, Daniel and D'vorah Calic, are Messianic believers who live in Israel. They are currently in the production stages of their initial weekly broadcast project titled "Revelation to the Nations."

“The environment in Israel over the last several years has changed significantly,” Daniel Calic says. “We feel God has called us to present this window of opportunity out to the nations on behalf of the believing Jews inside Israel.”
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Christians appeasing Arabs won't work

The following is the third in a series of responses by Israeli Messianic Jewish leaders to a problematic video produced by Bethlehem Bible College regarding this summer's Gaza war.

While others may focus on the content of this video, let me share what was lacking.

The New Testament Congregation is to be the courageous voice of morality and honesty to the world. However, this video by Bethlehem Bible College lacked the courage to confront Islamic Terror.
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Priestly Blessings Bring Thousands

Tens of thousands of Jewish people from Israel and around the world gathered at the Western Wall of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Sunday for the biblical priestly blessing that takes place during the festival of Sukkot, otherwise known as the Feast of Tabernacles.

Many of the Jewish visitors had wanted to ascend the Temple Mount during their visit, but were prevented from doing so by police, who feared an outbreak of Arab Muslim violence. Jews are typically attacked when entering their religion’s holiest site during their religious feast days.
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Rioters locked in Mosque

In an impassioned plea delivered at a press conference in Jerusalem on Monday, Canon Andrew White, the “Vicar of Baghdad,” noted that Israel and the Jews are openly standing up for embattled Middle East Christians, while much of the global Church remains conspicuously silent.

Speaking to reporters at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), White pointed to fellow panelist Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, and wondered, “Here we see Jews standing with us, but where is the Church?”
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Messianic Building Burned

Earlier this month, the only Messianic congregation in the southern town of Kiryat Gat was burned down by unidentified assailants. The Kiryat Gat congregation is under the auspices of Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation in the nearby coastal city of Ashdod. Pastor Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel posted the following message regarding the apparent arson attack:

"A few weeks ago our congregation in Kiryat Gat was burned down. It is the only congregation in the city, has a big vision for the future, involved in helping many people. Evidently, our influence in the city has been a cause of 'concern' to some and they decided to stop our work by setting the building on fire.
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Illegal Campaign

The anti-Messianic group Yad L'achim has been using the Chief Rabbi of the City of Ramle, Rav. Yechiel Abuchatzeira, to promise prayers for marital partners, pregnancies, financial prosperity and more to anyone making a donation to their organization.

According to Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Deputy Minister of Religious Services, it is illegal for rabbis employed by the state to raise funds for an organization that is actively trying to prevent missionary or Messianic activities. The Deputy Minister made the announcement in response to a complaint by the Hiddush organization for religious freedom against the Yad L'achim fund-raising campaign.
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Most Hated in the World

A few years ago, I was asked to produce a short-film for the Negev Tourism Office. Specifically, they wanted me to help them make a video advertisement promoting all the sites and attractions in the Israeli desert.

Why did they come to me? Because I’m a Messianic Jew, and they wanted the video to target Christian tourists around the world. They needed someone who spoke "Christianese," who would know how to market what they were selling to a specific audience.
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Jesus in Auschwitz

If messianic Jews were seeking to court controversy, they certainly found the most provocative way of doing that – releasing a video depicting Jesus bearing the cross just as he is about to be sent to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

A new video commissioned by Jews for Jesus has gone viral on the Internet and is already causing a stir. In it, Jesus is among a group of Jews who are about to be sent to their deaths in the Nazi camp in Poland.
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Terrorist convicted of bombing Youth

A Jerusalem court on Wednesday found Jack Teitel, known locally as "the Jewish terrorist", guilty of two counts of murder, two attempted murders, and a string of other violent crimes.

In the late 1990s, Teitel murdered two Palestinian Arabs, one a bus driver and the other a shepherd.

A decade later, in 2008, Teitel planted a bomb disguised as a Purim gift basket at the doorstep of a Messianic Jewish pastor David Ortiz in the Samarian town of Ariel. The bomb critically wounded the Ortiz's son, then 15-year-old Ami Ortiz, who has since made a full recovery.
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Evangelism in Jesus' Hometown

Nazareth Elite, a sleepy Jewish town in Galilee adjacent to the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth, found itself at the center of controversy over alleged “missionary activity.”

Residents woke up one morning to find the town covered with posters, headlined: “Love Has Returned to Our Family,” “God Corrects All of My Mistakes” and “Teens Need God.” The posters included a toll free number to call for a free booklet, including testimonies of those who had been helped by God. The posters were in Russian, targeting the town’s large population of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
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Fuel added to Anti-Semitic Agenda

As the Presbyterian Church (USA) prepares to discuss divestment proposals designed to influence Israeli policy at its General Assembly in Detroit, June 14-21, leaders of the international organizations speaking for the Messianic Jewish community have responded with a strong statement of support for Israel.

Amid continuing efforts to pressure and marginalize the state of Israel through boycotts and economic sanctions, the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly will consider proposals to pressure Israel through financial divestment.
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MJAA delivers Aid to IDF

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America's (MJAA) Restoration of Israel humanitarian aid relief work, reaches the poor and needy in the Land of Israel through our Joseph Project network.

It has been a devastating 17 days for Israelis, with no definitive ceasefire in site. The IDF death toll is rapidly climbing, with another soldier MIA that may be in the hands of Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the operation will continue until sustained quiet is achieved for Israel and Hamas's terrorist capabilities greatly degraded.
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Jews & Arabs Gather

"Dancing together with Arabs? Laughing together with them? These are the people I hated my whole life," says Chava, a Messianic Jewish girl who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Israel.

Chava was part of a three-day gathering where she met with an estimated 1,000 Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian youth and young adults in Haifa. At a time when murderous kidnappings, violent riots and a developing war in Gaza are bringing racial tensions to boiling point, these young Messianic Jews and Arab Christians arrived at the conference still reeling with all the raw emotions of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
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How to Pray for Israel in these times

This has been another hard week for Israel. With barely time to mourn the loss of our 3 murdered teenagers, war drums are pounding again – both within and beyond our tiny borders.

How should we pray for Jerusalem in this terrible hour? One of Judaism's oldest prayers, recited more than any other blessing, gives us guidance to face the unique challenges of these difficult times.

The Aaronic Blessing is packed with beauty and meaning for such a time as this. The first section - "May the Lord bless you and Keep you" asks G-d to prosper us with material and physical well-being. Here we are commanded to recall that He is our ultimate protection, and not only our own efforts.
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The Jerusalem District Court has ordered Moshav Yad Hashmonah, a community of Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christians, to pay compensation to two lesbians after it refused to host a same-sex wedding reception. "We knew we were breaking the law. Somebody needed to do it." says Ayelet Ronen, general secretary for the village.

Judge Moshe Yoad Cohen upheld a lower court ruling that the Moshav violated a law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.
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Believers Challenged

The ultra-Orthodox organization Yad L'Achim has long been a thorn in the side of Israel's Messianic Jewish community. Sometimes more than a thorn - Jack Teitel, the Jewish terrorist who almost killed Messianic youth Ami Ortiz, is believed to have strong ties to the group. Now Yad L'Achim is targeting a blossoming Messianic community in the coastal city of Bat Yam. The local edition of the Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot reported earlier this month that Yad L'Achim had received many complaints from residents upset about receiving "missionary material."
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Syrian Refugees

Israeli Messianic leader Moti Cohen recently traveled to neighboring Jordan with a group of fellow Jewish and Arab believers to provide aid to the over half-a-million Syrian refugees who have gathered there.

Cohen serves on the pastoral staff at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation in Tel Aviv together with Ron Cantor, who published Cohen’s report on his blog over at Messiah’s Mandate.

In the report, Cohen states that “the evil in the Muslim world is overwhelming. What is happening in Syria unveils its true face.”
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The Israeli government has reportedly set aside NIS 100 million (~$29 million) to encourage local farmers to honor the biblical command to let their fields lie fallow for one year every seven years.

Exodus 23:10–11 reads: "You may plant your land for six years and gather its crops. But during the seventh year, you must leave it alone and withdraw from it. The needy among you will then be able to eat just as you do, and whatever is left over can be eaten by wild animals. This also applies to your vineyard and your olive grove."
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New Spirit

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz last month declared that a "new spirit" had taken hold in the Israeli Arab Christian community after meeting with a group of young Arabic-speaking Christians determined to be a part of and to serve the Jewish state.

"Civil courage is a very important thing," Mofaz told Israel's Channel 2 News. For decades Israel's Christian community were too cowed by their Muslim neighbors to openly stand with Israel. "The Christian population is very special," and it is great to see them opening up like this, Mofaz continued.
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General Defends Cadet

A cadet in the IDF Officer's Training School has been thrown out of the program for refusing to participate in a lecture about Messianic Jews.

The cadet was removed from the course after refusing to listen to a lecture from a fellow Messianic Jewish cadet on the New Testament and his faith in the Jewish Messiah. Cadets in the elite officer's training school learn to lecture on a topics of interest for their training officers and fellow cadets. One of the cadets, a Messianic Jewish believer, apparently chose to give a talk about the New Testament and Jewish faith in Yeshua.
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What incredible days we are living in today! Even some 40 years ago, when God was gathering arm loads of Jewish People into His Kingdom through the Jesus Movement of the 1960s, few could imagine they would see the day when more than just a handful of His Chosen People came to faith in Messiah at one time.

Today, many of those young Messianic Jewish men and women from the ‘60s and early ‘70s have risen to lead what is clearly the most proliferating season for Messianic Judaism since the First Century. Not only do Messianic congregations exist in nearly every city in the United States, but every day, more are springing up in key cities around the globe.
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Iranian Woman's Faih Journey

A British-based Iranian woman brought up as a devoted Muslim has told a conference in Jerusalem how she became a Christian after an encounter with the God of the Bible. She heard His voice as she watched a movie about Jesus, and later responded to His personal invitation spelt out in the Book of Revelation.

At the time Esther Esfahani was in the midst of divorce proceedings against her husband because he had become a Christian, but they were subsequently reconciled and her entire family is now following Jesus.
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Israel Grapples


The Jerusalem-based Caspari Center presented an interesting selection of articles from the Hebrew press in which Israelis continued to grapple with what far too many still see as “suspicious” support from the Christian world.

In the first, which appeared in the daily Makor Rishon, journalist Ariel Shenbal lauded the outspoken support for Israel by “Christian Zionists.” Like many Israelis, Shenbal was beside himself that after so many centuries of persecution by the Church, so many Christians today express such overwhelming lover and support for the Jews and their state.
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Al-Qaeda Vows


While U.S. leaders continue pushing for war against the Syrian government, “Al-Qaeda-linked rebels,” reports AP, “launched an assault on a regime-held Christian mountain village in the densely populated west of Syria and new clashes erupted near the capital, Damascus... In the attack on the village of Maaloula, rebels commandeered a mountaintop hotel and nearby caves and shelled the community below, said a nun, speaking by phone from a convent in the village. She spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.”

Arabic news agency Al Hadath gives more information concerning this latest terror attack on Syria’s Christians, ...
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Celebrating Yeshua


Jewish followers of Jesus (Yeshua) in a community on Mount Zion celebrated their silver anniversary this week behind the closed doors of a 200-year-old chapel nestled within Jerusalem’s Old City walls. Some 300 worshippers gathered in prayer, scripture and song to retell the story of Israel’s restoration to her city and to her Messiah King. The Lord will again comfort Zion and choose Jerusalem. Zechariah 1:17
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Tisha B'Av


On the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av, 5773 - the most tragic day on the Jewish calendar - thousands of religious Jews approached Jerusalem’s Kotel (Western Wall), the holiest site for Jews and Christians, to commemorate the destruction of the holy temples, Jerusalem and the Jewish commonwealth. This year marks 1943 years since the Second Temple’s destruction in the year 70 CE.
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Christian Artist


Music minister Kirk Sullivan of the Grammy-nominated and ten-time Dove award-winning Christian band 4HIM recently spoke with Israel Today’s Jonathan David about the biblical connection between the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. He also articulated his views on the Iran threat, and wholeheartedly apologized for President Obama’s treatment of the nation of Israel and its leaders.
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Is Israel Ready


A performance put on by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI) in central Israel on Thursday asked the pertinent question: How would Israel react today if Yeshua (Jesus) were to show up? Titled “HaKochav Nolad” (“The Star is Born” - a play on the name of a popular television singing competition), the Hebrew-language stage show recounted the ...
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Israel is Paradise


In an interview with Italian media, Israeli Christians from Nazareth once again debunked assertions that Israel is an apartheid state with their own powerful testimonies. The report started off by noting that there is a growing rift in the Israeli Christian community between those who choose to side with the Jewish state and those who choose to identify with the “Palestinian” narrative.
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Isreal Belongs to teh Jews


Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan of Amman, a member of Jordan’s well-known Adwan tribe, posted to Facebook this week that there is no such place as “Palestine,” and provided references from the Koran to back up his assertion. One of the Quranic verses provided states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the sons of Israel ...
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Today, families throughout the Land of Israel and around the world are celebrating the 7th and final day of Passover, commemorating deliverance from slavery in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. Passover is also the celebration of the birth of Israel as a nation. In the Book of Exodus, the Bible gives details of Israel’s deliverance from bondage as the result of the Lord sending 10 plagues upon Egypt, including the final plague, resulting in the death of all of Egypt’s first-born.
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Faces of Christian Zionism


All too often the Zionist movement - both the Jewish and the Christian branches - is portrayed in the mainstream media as a faceless and heartless entity dedicated only to harming others, in particular the Palestinian Arabs.

Messianic Israeli graphics designer and photographer Eitan Bar is doing what he can to reverse that trend.
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Christian Arabs


Israel’s Knesset on Monday signed into law a bill that legally distinguishes between local Christians and the bulk of the Arabic-speaking population, which is primarily Muslim. The stated goal of the law is to boost Christian employment rights by recognizing them as an independent minority, and thereby granting them separate ...
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The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America's (MJAA) Restoration of Israel humanitarian aid relief work, reaches the poor and needy in the Land of Israel through our Joseph Project network. Moving a warehouse stuffed with humanitarian aid to another location could cost a fortune and waste precious gasoline funds.
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Messianic Festival


This year the Messianic Jewish Shavuot Ingathering experienced a welcome and unexpected blessing. As the dawn broke on the early morning hours of the day of festival the heavens opened up and poured down abundant “latter rains” over the entire country. Accompanied by roaring thunder and hair-raising lighting, Israel experienced one of the best spring storms in her modern history, adding even more waters to the rising Sea of Galilee.
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Jesus Hometown


Nazareth Elite, a sleepy Jewish town in Galilee adjacent to the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth, found itself at the center of controversy over alleged “missionary activity.” Residents woke up one morning to find the town covered with posters, headlined: “Love Has Returned to Our Family,” “God Corrects All of My Mistakes” and “Teens Need God.” The posters included a toll free number ...
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Messianic Girl


Customs officials at Israel’s ports of entry have seen all kinds of attempts and heard all kinds of excuses from passengers trying to sneak by without paying taxes on their purchases made abroad. But this week they were left stunned when a young girl asked if she could please pay her taxes on an article she had managed to get past the authorities a week earlier.
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Messianic Jews have won another battle for recognition in Israel. This time a special judicial tribunal has determined that a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem should receive the same full tax exemption as a synagogue.
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Yeshua Fan


“Jesus has always fascinated me,” singer and songwriter Ehud Banai said in an interview with Israel’s biggest newspaper Yediot Ahronot. Under the headline, “THE BOY IS 60,” Banai discussed the milestones in his life and in Israeli music. The headline was a play on words on one of his most famous songs, The Boy Is 30.
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Babbies Saved from Abortion


Abortion. When one thinks of the many dangers and threats facing Israel, abortion is not usually on the list. But it should be. Since Israel's rebirth as a nation state 63 years ago, 40,000 Israeli babies have been lost to abortion on average every year. That's well over two million unborn children terminated, more than the number of Jewish children killed in the Nazi Holocaust.
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