Internationally Known Messianic Recording Artist

Jon Settel

November 21st 7:30 pm and November 22nd 11 am
at The Tabernacle in Branson
Branson Hills Ministry Center
256 Church Road, Branson, Missouri

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The time to live the unity of the Scriptures has arrived. Through the music of Settel International Ministries, both Gentiles and Jews can touch the Heart of God and feel the arms of Messiah Yeshua surround them.

This act alone brings us together and the special love of Messiah is the glue that will hold us together.

The anointing that knows no boundaries or status is a common denominator; the one place where we see more with our eyes closed, than with them opened. Welcome to the world of worship where we seek to bless The King.


Jonathan is a man after the heart of God. He ministers extensively worldwide, bringing us back to our Jewish roots through Messianic expressions of worship and teachings.

Jonathan's travels have taken him to many countries as well as a variety of Christian and Messianic Congregations. The passion of this ministry is to see the Body of Messiah unite and in so doing exposes Anti-Semitism within the Church. Many have wept in repentance upon altar calls, releasing the Genesis 12:3 blessing.

Our desire is to see all of Israel (the Jewish people) come to know Messiah as the Body of Believers provokes them to jealousy. Many have responded to the call for salvation and letters are received daily reflecting the impact Jonathan's music has had on people's lives. This music and ministry materials have gone into places where Jonathan has yet to go.

Some letters we've received have come from halfway houses, homes for battered women, hospitals, those with serious illnesses, people mourning and those in need of emotional, inner and physical healing. Countless reports of changed lives such as these fuels this ministry forward into the plans and purposes of God.

Jonathan has written and distributed a book entitled "Delight in the Shabbat," which has brought "much delight" to many as they celebrate Yeshua as our Sabbath rest. He has also narrated "The Jewish New Testament," a translation by Dr. David Stern, bringing the completeness of the Gospel to all Bible Believers. This project is available on sixteen 90 minute tapes from Lederer Publications (800) 773-6574.

Settel International Ministries has released Messianic praise and worship music on CD and DVD. Current releases are continually in production as the Lord lays it on Jonathan's heart to do so.


Jonathan, husband of Sharon Settel, father of six children was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in a traditional Jewish family in Washington, D.C. He studied music at IAU. For twenty years he was a vocalist in nightclubs, hotels, bars and cruise ships in the United States. In February of 1984, while employed by Walt Disney World, Jonathan had an "Encounter with Eternity." He became a Believer in Yeshua HaMashiach, (Jesus, the Messiah.)

He was discipled for six years in a small church in Florida and was one of their worship leaders for their Erev Shabbat Service. In 1990, Jonathan responded to The Lord's call to make "Aliyah" (returned to his homeland, Israel), and moved his family to Jerusalem where he came to love and identify completely with the Israeli culture. In 1990, Settel International Ministries was birthed. After a tremendous growth in Ministry, he and his family then returned to the United States to fulfill the next leg of the journey.

Jonathan continues to travel & is presently based out of Palm Beach County, Florida. For further ministry details please contact:

Why Messianic Music?

At first glance, Messianic music, may reflect the same aroma as all other music. You may say, "All music is the same." The anointing of the Lord is also the same in English, Spanish, Japanese, or any other language, as it is in Hebrew. Why then bother with the Hebrew? A song by any other name is still a song. The music opens itself to the soul and to the spirit. The Lord has given us music to worship Him with. It is a gift much abused and much misused. When the window to our soul is opened any wind may blow in. If it is music with an amoral message, using animal rhythms, and violent connotations, then our ears, our bodies, and our spirits will be plummeted with a beating which may contaminate us for a long time. On the other hand, if the wind that came through our open window is the Holy Wind of God, the Ruach Ha Kodesh touches us and brings us to a place of reverence of the Lord and fills us with the very essence of God. Then we are returned to the "God of our salvation"; a sense of well-being and the holiness of the Lord transcends any corruption in us.

Of course, music in any language may be an emotionally satisfying experience. It will bring us to tears and cause us to "feel the presence of the Lord" and even bring healing to a wounded spirit, temporarily. But when the believer hears Hebrew music, something profound happens. The Hebrew adds a dimension that no other idiom can. In Acts 26:13-14, Paul describes his walk to Damascus. The tale climaxes with his saying, "... a voice came out of heaven in the Hebrew dialect." This heavenly language, when injected into the musical experience, opens to us a new anointing that gives us the inner healing of David's harp.

Indeed, something heavenly happens when one hears the music of the Holy Spirit, the music of Yeshua, as He must have heard it when He was a boy. The liturgy of the Jewish people has a life unto itself, a life that the Holy breath of God has given it. As it is with the Holy Spirit, if we are open to these special musical moments, then we add dimension to our walk, or dance, with the Lord.

The music of Jerusalem is much like the rocks of Jerusalem. They contain the tears that Yeshua Himself shed over her. They are saturated with the groanings of the Jewish people. In that way, the music also reflects the sorrows inflicted on them through mishandling of the gospels and the very words of our Messiah. It is no wonder then that people are moved beyond reason into a spiritual tapestry lead by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, breathed by the Lord, when they hear Messianic Jewish music.

Yes, a Hebraic expression of worship is like any other expression ... only more so.

November 21st 7:30 pm and November 22nd 11 am

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