Help Build a Temple in Branson
For what are We asking? ....
Only $1.00

We are asking for one million people to send one dollar to help build
a Messianic temple and learning center in Branson, Missouri.
We believe God has called us at this time and place to be a teaching and learning center to send forth an army
to witness first to the Jew that Yeshua (Jesus) is The Messiah they seek
and also to Gentile believers to join and be grafted into the olive tree of God's Holy people.

What God has blessed us with:

• Five acres of property, free and clear.
• One 5,000 sq. ft. building on the property being renovated

What is needed:

• A new temple and learning center
(Estimated cost one million dollars. Easy math: One million people each giving one dollar.)

We have vowed to place our trust in our Lord to complete this project. No mortgages.
And instead of looking for a few big donors we have decided to place our trust in God
to move in the hearts of one million people to donated just one dollar.
Yet if any are lead to do more with God's urging, we gladly accept
in the Name of Elyon (The Most High God).

How You can Help:

There are several ways you can help in this campaign:
• 1. First send in your dollar to the address below or use the PayPal button.
• 2. Second help this unique message get out to all you know by
social media (use hashtags: #oneinamillion or #suchadeal), letters, phone calls and emails.
And then ask them also to forward the message.
(If you like use this convenient letter in pdf form to print or email)

It is your help, with the grace of God, that will make this unique building campaign go viral.
• 3. Pray that the Lord will move and use a million righteous souls to join in this battle.
"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.." Psalms 127:1 ESV
• 4. Watch this web site to see how God is moving in hearts
by watching the numbers grow one person at a time.

PDF File to Download

(If you like use this convenient letter in pdf form to print for handouts or to attach to emails)

Progress of Building Program

Thank You so much ... yet we still need more help.
The first stage to finish out the Learning Center is on schedule.
Thanks to your donations of over $140,000 we are renovating
the existing stucture that was on the five acre property.

Learning Center

Now we are still looking for God to deliver the funds for the worship center.

Donate Online:

Be One In A Million

Or Mail to:

The Tabernacle (One In A Million)
256 Church Road
Branson, MO 65616

For further information
email us at:
or call 417.334.7373


Video on progress of The Tabernacle's Future Home